Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Attacking Anti-Vaxxers

It appears that my local paper, The Blade, was doing the bidding of Big Pharma by providing a very biased editorial last year about the banning of Vaxxed from the Tribeca Film Festival. Describing the depiction of the research of a serious medical scientist as “crackpot” and the doctor as spreading “spurious notions” reflects a total lack of understanding of the issue. One suspects they don’t want to undermine the profits of this industry. Then again recently an editorial appeared with the heading Anti-Vaxxers Threaten Everyone, aiming to put the fear of God into everyone if they don’t get their flu shot. Before you consider these flu shots harmless, read this story of Dr. Suzanne Humphries who left a successful hospital nephrology practice because she saw so many of her patients get sicker after getting the hospital-required flu shot on admission.

Let’s see, experts are now saying that our young people will probably not live as long as their parents because of increasing chronic disease, but we seem to be unwilling to examine serious attempts to understand possible causes. The goal of “herd immunity” is bandied about, with little basis in fact. We build new medical facilities and spend enormous amounts on sickness care and research, with results that are disappointing, as our children suffer ever more chronic disease. Meanwhile the medical establishment ostracizes any scientist doctor that doesn’t follow the party line – exactly what happened with Dr. Wakefield. In fact there has been little serious research comparing the health of vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated children – that would undermine the whole industry. A recent independent pilot study of home-schooled children showed that unvaccinated children had lower incidences of allergies and neurodevelopmental disorders than vaccinated children.

I grew up in a very healthy fashion without the benefit of most of these vaccines. In those days we got sick, developed natural immunity, got well and moved on. Now I know how to support my immune system without vaccines or pharmaceuticals if I should happen to get sick. High dose vitamin C is powerful therapy against serious infections we should all be aware of, as most hospitals won’t allow it, and Big Pharma would like to see it outlawed. Sorry if I’m undermining the profits of Big Pharma, but maybe that is what we all need to do. If you are still unconvinced and fearful, check out the links here.

Kris, the retired and reformed dietitian