Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Health Care Problem

Are you aware that allopathic medicine has been high-jacked by the drug industry. MD's are taught to diagnose disease and prescribe the appropriate drug, which does not address the underlying cause of the illness, and often has side effects requiring yet another drug, more side effects, and more drugs. They are not taught the remarkable healing powers of the body if it is given appropriate nutrition and support. The very health professionals who do have this knowledge, naturopaths, homeopathic physicians, nutrition oriented chiropractors, and a few self-schooled nutrition oriented MD's, are usually not covered by insurance, yet they are the ones who can lead us to true health, avoiding the enormous cost of the present system of unhealthy processed food, and drugs to treat the inevitable health problems.

About one hundred years ago Carnegie and Rockefeller, who had large vested interests in pharmaceuticals, established the accreditation system for medical schools. Only schools teaching a pharmaceutical approach to medicine received accreditation. Before that there was plenty of competition from natural, homeopathic and nutritional approaches. Health reform will not succeed in reducing the present astronomical costs until we break the monopoly that conventional allopathic medicine and the drug industry have on our health care system.

Don't fall for the notion that health care should be based on "science-based research," since an estimated half of what doctors do now has no basis in good research. Good unbiased nutrition research is so expensive and so complicated, and proper controls so difficult, that it is easy to conduct a nutrition research project that shows no benefit of nutrition - important variables were neglected, poor quality supplements used, too short a duration, etc. Unfortunately good research is often ignored, thanks to the bias toward drug therapy. I saw that in my own training.
Excellent health, with minimal reliance on drugs, should be the gold standard for judging excellent of care. Our health care professionals should understand and utilize the value of careful planned, high quality nutritional supplements to support health and healing, or our health care costs will continue to escalate!

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