Sunday, February 14, 2010

Medical Miscue or excessive drug industry influence?

A February 3 article on the vaccine-autism link in the Toledo Blade prompted a related editorial on Feb. 6 that reflected the excessive influence of the drug industry on our health care system. My letter to the Editor in response was published yesterday. Elaborating on my letter, which got cut somewhat...

The research in Lancet by Dr. Andrew Wakefield was not flawed, but with the imminent publication of his new research on the long term health of monkeys given vaccines, which shows stark differences between those were and were not vaccinated, there has been an insidious effort to discredit this scientist who is publishing such embarrassing research. Imagine the fallout from this study for vaccine makers and public health officials! Is it any wonder there is a "Tea Party" movement in this country as more and more people understand that government seems more interested in protecting the profits of big corporations than in the health and welfare of its citizens. This effort to discredit happens over and over again to those health professionals who call the bluff on the drug industry by using low cost natural means to guide their patients to healing and genuine health.

For those who would like to understand this issue further go to The increase in measles has more to do with the poor nutritional status of our children than the lack of vaccination. For an effective alternative to questionable vaccinations check out "Curing the Incurable" by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD ( Dr. Levy's effective high dose IV vitamin C treatment is just one example of nutritional therapies that would put an end to the morbidity and mortality of a wide range of infectious and chronic diseases that burden our society.

Many health professionals will cry 'foul,' but with health care costs in our country escalating, while our health deteriorates, they need to start listening to the rebels!

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